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Vancouver Home from Home

Vancouver after being here for a couple of weeks has really impressed me, not just due to its beautiful scenery or sheer expanse, that goes without question, but because of the wonderful people that I have already met. I have fell in love again and am even more determined to make this my home.

I have seen and learnt a lot in the weeks I have been here,  mainly to expect the unexpected where Vancouver is concerned. I have wandered through the beautiful Cherry Blossoms,discovered I am not that scared of sharks anymore (although a little piece of me will always be wary), can drink my fair share of craft beer and ride a bike home and that French lessons are tres difficile!

Vancouver Cherry Blossoms


Through wandering the streets to my daily french lessons and catching up with friends over awesome coffee and doughnuts I have seen a different side to Vancouver. This time it is getting a taste of life I could have here, as opposed to being a tourist and that taste is good.

I was in a very fortunate position to attend a wonderful talk about marine conservation and the plight of sharks run by Friends for Sharks at the Museum of Biodiversity, at the University of BC – a beautiful location surrounded by huge trees, epic mountains and wide open spaces. I would have all honesty loved to have attend University here. With the sun shining on this crisp clear day across the campus it made anything seem possible and it was. After a relentless fire alarm and a relocation to a coffee shop,  Kathryn and Nicholas in the space of an hour had put my fears at bay about Sharks (yes I was the girl who was scared to go through those tunnels in the Aquariums) and I now feel that I would consider going and swimming with them up close. They are so passionate about what they are doing and I really admire them for their work.

University of BC Vancouver


One of the most impressive things about Vancouver is that it comes alive in Spring, yes there is still a tiny bit of snow on the mountains but the bulbs are all out in force and so are the people. Vancouver must be one of the most active cities I have been in, everyone if either running, walking or cycling their way around the city and you feel their enthusiasm for being outside. The city has certainly made sure that it encourages it with brilliant cycle and walking routes right along the coast and on the sea wall which are easily accessible.  I have been fortunate to cycle and run some of these routes in the last couple of days and the views are stunning and the air some of the cleanest I have ever breathed.

Vancouver has not disappointed me and I am already began to feel like a local, every morning I grab a coffee from one of the many coffee shops, attend French lessons at a lovely little French school in Kitsilano (my French is certainly improving) and then I have the freedom to go out and explore this wonderful place and the weather has certainly made everything seem clearer (it has been unusually warm for this time of year) Not to mention the awesome bars there are here but that is another story!

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