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Post Travel Depression

Sunset Shropshire

That Little Thing called Travel

The past few weeks I have been sorting out my photos from my epic trip last year hence the radio/blog silence. I had actually forgotten how long it takes to go through and edit all the pictures! It also made me really sad looking back on the wonderful memories and friends I have made, wishing I was back there experiencing those things for the first time, but even though it made me long for those times in truth it was also a good thing. I have been feeling stuck in a sort of limbo of late and it triggered something in me and made me realise that I need to start creating some more memories.

I have been trying to be positive over the last couple of weeks but have found it hard to keep my spirits up as the urge to travel again has been there and envelops me like a blanket. It is strange, as up until last year I had never really travelled by myself and although there was always a itch at the back of mind, as soon I scratched it it would go away, but now it is totally different no amount of scratching will make this go away. I long for an adventure, in the pit of my stomach there is a dull ache of want and need, a need for that little thing called travel.

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Goosenecks State park Utah

“I wish the real world would stop hassling me!”

I have just come back from travelling for 4 months on what I and most of friends would call a “life changing” trip and I cant help feeling down about it. Yes, I should be thankful I have had the opportunities to see the things I have and everyone is obviously really pleased to see me and say how well I look –fitter and healthier but inside I am aching and heartbroken. In short I’m grieving.

I have that awful aching deep in the pit of my stomach, I get teary eyed every time I hear a song which reminds me of my trip, I constantly talking about people I have met trying to keep them alive, always looking at photos and shutting myself away under the pretences I am still tired from my trip. It is like I have lost someone. A dear friend, except this friend is called adventure.


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