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Graduation and the Visa Waiting Game part 2

I did it I graduated with honors! I can’t believe almost 2 years has gone by since I started the course and here I am done ready to start the next chapter of my life which,  in all honesty has started with a break and a chance to recoup and catch up with all my friends I have neglected over the last year or so before I start studying again for my registration exams.

The last month since I have graduated have been action packed. My mum came and visited which was amazing, and it was awesome to show her the place that has captured her daughters heart and stolen her away from England. We did the most amazing drive down the coast to San Francisco and back (more blog posts to come on this) and it was wonderful spending some one on one time with her. I did the trip in 2014 in the summer, so it was great to experience it at a different time of year and see how much has changed and also show my mum some of my favorite spots and take in the awe and beauty of the west coast.


Lissy Salt Graduation Pic – VCMT


Other than the celebration of Grad and my trip away I have been feeling a bit up and down. Finding out that I can’t work on my current student visa has been a big blow as I wanted to work as a body worker in a spa/clinic to keep my hands in practice but alas immigration is not making it easy. Until my registration exams the only way I can work is if some lovely clinic wants to sponsor me for a year and that will be hard without my registration so yet again everything hangs in the balance of the Canadian government and whether I get my PR or a work permit. Also I am now in what can only be called as a catch 22 situation regarding my registration  exams. I can take my licensing exams but until I have PR or a work permit I wont be able to get my licence to work as an RMT and without the licence I don’t have a chance of getting PR so I am a little bit screwed but I am keeping positive and crossing everything that something will happen for me to stay.  I have also realized that I need to re -sit my English test again, so for the 3rd time on 2nd June I will be attempting to get the best mark I can in listening, speaking, writing, and reading in the hope I will have enough points to get my PR. I still don’t get why I have to do an English test it is ridiculous when I am from the UK and have a diploma from Canada and a degree from the UK but that is just one of these many hoops I have to go through. I keep telling myself that It will all be worth it in the end when I know I can stay and I will look back on this and laugh about it.

It is strange as I haven’t had to worry about visa issues since I first fell in love with Vancouver, but now I feel like history is repeating itself and there is this constant worry in the back of my mind that come December I am going to have to pack up everything, the life I have built here and head back home. In all honesty I can’t think about it as it makes me upset and teary that I might not be able to stay and practice what I love. It is hard when you feel so at home in a place and you have to jump through hoops in order to actually stay. I have been trying to think of alternative plans about maybe working abroad somewhere else or on a cruise ship until I can get my PR. It’s not that I hate England, but I don’t feel that it is really my home anymore and I don’t want to start there again. I need to be by the sea, have proper seasons and be near the mountains. Living here has made me the healthiest I have been in ages, I eat properly,I exercise daily, I see a personal trainer, my mental state is so much better. I would say that I have changed a great deal in these last 2 years for the better. I would even say that maybe I am becoming a Vancouverite, down to owning copious amounts of lululemon, juicing and riding my bike everywhere. I am worried I will go back to England and I will just end up in a funk and go back to how it was before.

I am trying to stay positive and focusing on the time I have left here however long that will be and I can’t realistically do anything until I get my English test results so no point worrying until then I guess. On that note, I had the best weekend meeting some other Brits through the Brits in Vancouver group. It felt like a proper bank holiday weekend lots of drinks, BBQs and more importantly lots of laughs! I am excited to spend more time with these guys and its great to have a British contingency here in Van.

We will see how it the next couple of months go with application but for now I am going to enjoy myself and actually enjoy the summer and all Vancouver has to offer.

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