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Exploring Downtown LA

Didn’t sleep that well last night I had forgotten what it is like to sleep in a bustling city where it never sleeps with the loud music from the night club, sirens and a really drunk person at 5am screaming outside!

Today has been a great day for exploring and had an epic time wandering. Didn’t leave the hotel that early as wanted to get up slowly especially when I have to be up meeting the trek group tomorrow at 7.30am.

First off I went on the hunt for breakfast went the same way as last night and found a Le Pain Quotdien just off Pershing Square where everyone seemed super relaxed and were lots of people either reading or on the net. I remembered from London that they had free wi fi which meant I could catch up on emails and things. It also gave me the opportunity to work out what I was going to do for the day. Breakfast was lovely and everything was so fresh I opted for a ham and cheese omelette with a cup of fresh fruit and an Americano.

Feeling throughly full I then headed off to the Museum of Contemporary Art on south grand avenue which meant I had to go up a hill, which reminder me of those images you see of San Francisco with the trams . This was like it except sans trams and in the middle of the CBD. On the way up I came across a film crew filming a scene for a movie with cops cars and a car on fire. It looked very dramatic and presumed there had been some sort of chase which involved the car rolling over numerous times and catching fire. I couldn’t see anyone famous around and to be fair I wasn’t really looking. At the top of the hill was the museum. It had a great looking sculpture outside called Airplane Parts by Nancy Rubbin (see pic). When I approached the box office I was told I didn’t have to pay as one of the galleries wasn’t open and could go right in, which was an added bonus.

I love walking around galleries the peace, the quiet and reflecting on another persons creativity and how they perceive the world. I also like watching other people and how they react to the art. There was alot like I liked today and I have always been a fan of modern art. Jackson Pollack was there and Cindy Sherman plus I also discovered some new artists I have never heard of which was great and have committed them to memory.

After the gallery I headed back down the hill (filming was still going on) and grabbed a Starbucks.I can’t believe how cheap it is in America to get a Starbucks and food generally. The UK charge extortionate money and the most are the same in dollars as pounds. Didn’t really have a plan next but wandered the streets taking in the Jewellery quarter, Historic Downtown LA and Broadway. Broadway is not what you think it is like in pictures of New York or even the West End it is pretty run down, although I didn’t walk the whole of it. I enjoyed my wandering and eventually decided to come back via Grand Central Market and cut through as it was way to hot and 2.30pm. I popped out later on to get a supply of water and fruit. On my way out met a guy in the lift who thought I was from California until I spoke and also a tourist in 5th street asked if I knew the area well and did I know where the nearest Starbucks was. Hilarious he thought I was local. Of course I knew as had been there earlier in the day. Got back and had a phone call off reception saying would I be able to move as I had been put in the wrong room yesterday afternoon, so it turned out my room mate was here last night after all and I could have met her a day earlier but never mind. It was a pain to move as was pretty settled but thought I would do it straight away so didn’t have lug my bag again until tomorrow morning. I seriously need to repack my bag as just shoved everything into it move rooms.

Just met my room mate she is lovely and we just popped out to the bank and to get some food although neither of us were hungry so just went for a walk. The filming seems to be getting nearer actually across the street from the hotel. It has definitely something to do with cars!

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