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The Visa Waiting Game

Yes dear blog readers it has been a while. 3 months almost. I want to say a lot has happened in the 3 months since I last wrote but I would be lying. I have been thoroughly depressed with life.

I have struggled to find work, I have had no adventures or excitement, I have no inspiration to write and it has been a real struggle getting out of bed in the morning. I have even stopped interacting as much on my Twitter travel groups as it is hard to look at what everyone has been doing and the adventures they have been on.

But I am back, well I hope I am. I will not neglect you for so long again that I can promise. It has taken me 3 months to seriously get my act together and pull myself out of the doldrums I was falling into; to get out of the vicious circle of lying in bed watching endless episodes of Community and getting through the new series of Orange is the New Black in 2 days on Netflix, but somehow I have managed it.

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Blog, Travels, UK

The London Affair

London and myself have in recent years fallen out of love. I lived there for 10 years before I decided to leave and go to pastures new. I had grown tired of the commute,the people and the humdrum of life that came with the daily grind. I’d started resenting its culture, people and the way it seemed to throw things back in my face. I had given it my heart and soul and at the time, I felt it had given very little back. It was time for me to leave and distance myself before the relationship became toxic.

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