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Graduation and the Visa Waiting Game part 2

I did it I graduated with honors! I can’t believe almost 2 years has gone by since I started the course and here I am done ready to start the next chapter of my life which,  in all honesty has started with a break and a chance to recoup and catch up with all my friends I have neglected over the last year or so before I start studying again for my registration exams.

The last month since I have graduated have been action packed. My mum came and visited which was amazing, and it was awesome to show her the place that has captured her daughters heart and stolen her away from England. We did the most amazing drive down the coast to San Francisco and back (more blog posts to come on this) and it was wonderful spending some one on one time with her. I did the trip in 2014 in the summer, so it was great to experience it at a different time of year and see how much has changed and also show my mum some of my favorite spots and take in the awe and beauty of the west coast.

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The Next Chapter

It has been a long time since I have written something other than an assignment. In fact, I think it was 3 months into my massage therapy course the last time I posted on here and it kind of seems fitting that now I only have 3 months left, I have come full circle. As you can probably tell from the lack of blog and post updates over the last 17 months the course has been intense and all consuming.

It has certainly been a roller coaster ride of emotions with a lot of ups and downs – from passing exams, going to wonderful outreaches and awesome events, to having a major break down in an oral practical final where I literally cried though the whole thing.  But what I have learnt about myself is that I am stronger and more resilient than I imagined, I can put my mind to anything if I want it badly enough and in all honesty, I believe I have found my calling. I wish that I had been brave and strong enough to have made this move years ago but in honesty I don’t think I would have been ready or mature enough to handle it.

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Life as a Student

I have been a massage therapist student now for 3 months and it has been intense to say the least, but it is also been one of the best experiences of my life. Yes, it is hard work and essentially you get what you put into it, but I am fortunate to have excellent teachers who actually work in the field as RMT’s, so are able to offer practical experience, as well as teaching us the fundamentals that we have to cover as part of the course.

The real surprise for me is how amazing my classmates are – right from they beginning everyone has been super supportive. We all share the same mentality of “we all started this together so we will finish it together” which I think is awesome. We have become very much of a family in a short space of time, helping each other out during the tough times of exams or failed quizzes, staying behind to help each other get through sections we aren’t entirely sure about and of course celebrating the successes we have had along the way.

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